COMSA Core testnet version successfully launched

Created as a software for crowdfunding with Blockchain, COMSA serves with further functionalities such as COMSA Core and COMSA Hub. Tech Bureau Holdings has opened the testnet version of COMSA Core during a one month period in December 2018 for the public and will launch the mainnet version in summer 2019.

December, 2018, Japan – Tech Bureau developed the COMSA Core feature and opened the testnet version for the public during a one month period. It will be released on the mainnet during summer 2019. This Core feature allows to swap token from the NEM to the Ethereum Blockchain and vice versa. As an example for the testnet served the COMSA token (CMS), which is available as a Ethereum, as well as a NEM token.

COMSA Core in a Nutshell
The Core feature brings a major advantage to the COMSA environment, as it enables the transfer of token from one to the other Blockchain, without selling or buying additional token.

COMSA Core mechanism

In the graphic above is illustrated how Alice sends Bitcoin to Bob and Charlie through COMSA Core. Meanwhile Bob and Charlie receive a pegged token in their wallets, which they can use on the native Blockchain for further transfers. Bob and Charlie eventually will use their received Bitcoin for a payment on the Bitcoin network at a later point. In this case get the locked Bitcoin unlocked, as well as the pegged token burned by COMSA Core.

Core on the Testnet
The testverion of COMSA Core was available through December 2018 and has then been successfully tested. All functionalities worked flawless and then feedback from the community, as well as from institutional partners have been positive.

If you have missed the opportunity to test Core or if you just want to jump back to the testversion once more, please check out the following video about the Core β Version or download the tutorial here.

COMSA Hub and Dashboard
In May 2019 Tech Bureau will launch the internal testphase of the COMSA dashboard, which will be followed by the first project on the COMSA platform as soon as possible. Meanwhile is the Hub function expected to be available as a testnet version during summer 2019. See here the complete roadmap of the COMSA development:

Roadmap COMSA Hub & Core
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