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Private Blockchain for your Business

Mijin as a private Blockchain solution can be integrated in corporate structures, desktop and mobile applications as well as in hardware. Fast and easy to implement, as it functions with API calls to save time and resources. Mijin is a natural upgrade for your facility as it solves confidentiality issues regarding authentification, communication, asset management, supply chain, financial services, ownership and many more. Optimize your business process with the secure, efficient and fast mijin private Blockchain solution. Find more information here.

Initial Coin and Security Token Offerings

Realize your tokensale with the COMSA dashboard, to raise funds and distribute token automatically to your investors. Create a utility, payment or security token on the Ethereum or NEM Blockchain with our support. With the innovation of Blockchain technology get access to worldwide capital markets and distribute obligations like dividends automatically with smart contracts. Create contemporary and powerful financial tools such as shares, obligations, bonds etc. digitally on the Blockchain for your SME or startup. Get in touch to start planning your fundraising with us.

About Tech Bureau Europe SA

Tech Bureau Europe SA incorporated in Zug aka the “Crypto Valley”, Switzerland in December 2017, the centre of attraction for companies, among which the biggest in the world, a melting pot of innovative minds and a startup community. As subsidiaries of the japanese headquarter Tech Bureau Holdings, TB Europe together with the entity in the United States are developing, implementing and supporting strategic solutions for businesses around the globe.

Tech Bureau is involved in the Blockchain industry since 2014 as a fundamental supporter of NEM, and recently launched the early access programme for mijin V.2 (Catapult) in its open source project.
In 2018 we fusioned two passions in collaborating with Chronoswiss to create the first crypto inspired high end watches. The authenticity, ownership and identity certification of each unique timepiece is facilitated on the Blockchain.

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